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“Tiinu – helping find the right team… for you.”

The onset of the Internet has changed almost every aspect of the music industry, from production to distribution to marketing; and yet there is still often an antiquated attitude with regards to musicians finding their respective team members – whether it be management, producers, publishers or even record labels. Until now, aspiring musicians have felt that they had to know people “on the inside” of the business. It can be an incredibly closed world and, more importantly, one that has not protected the interests of musicians due to a lack of public testimonial and feedback on music companies. Musicians want the times to change and Tiinu is here to help.
Tiinu is a peer-review website made specifically for the music community; because Music is a difficult industry to enter and, at the beginning, it can be overwhelming for musicians to take on so much. As well as writing and creating music, you have to consider releasing music, booking gigs, and securing press amongst other things. Musicians understandably just want to make music, and these other things can be delegated to others. Tiinu is the platform where talented aspiring musicians can easily search for these desired team members, but also view and add comments on each company to decide whether they would be right for them or not.
Has a management company on Tiinu received 5 stars from musicians with a similar style of music to you? They could be the one for you. Has a Music PR company you’re considering got 1 star from numerous musicians? Maybe save your hard-earned money and look around at other options. Gav Duffy from Tiinu says “We understand how tight money can be for musicians in the early days, so we want to help them make more informed decisions about who to work with; and ultimately how to spend their money. We also decided to let Tiinu be free to use for musicians because… why not. We’re the only music directory that’s free to use, musicians can pay to get a few extras if they like; but if they don’t want to, they don’t have to.”
With its slick interface, the result is a trusted, easy-to-use platform that helps artists find music companies in the prospect of working together and hopefully creating some amazing music.
Who uses Tiinu?
* Musicians - the core group of the music industry and the most important
* Artist management
* Music PR companies
* Publishing companies
* Record labels
The platform’s partners include Kobalt AWAL division, Pledge Music and Radar Creatives.

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Music News is a leading independent publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide music scene.

Launched in October 2003 has a dedicated team of over 250 contributors providing breaking news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Under the Music News umbrella we also have Music News Underground (Live/Industry/Events), Music News ItalyMusic News MaltaFilm NewsFilm News Underground (Industry/Events) and Film News Italy. We also publish Theatre News and Game News.

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Great locations help to make cinematic video, and interesting/cinematic videos get viewed more frequently! is pleased to partner with Radar in offering a diverse array of fantastic locations to Radar Members. Our locations are used by artists from every genre of music, and by first timers, to some of the most successful international artists. Choose from a diverse portfolio of Homes to Forts, Luxurious to Derelict, Woodland to Warehouses… and all at competitive rates. is offering a discount for Radar members, so call today to brainstorm your concepts and start bringing your ideas to life!

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Sentric Music & VMSLive have launched On:Demand, a service that provides live opportunities and career support to artists of all levels.

On:Demand gives;
- Emerging artists the opportunity to support internationally acclaimed touring acts across the UK.
- A 'proper' gig to high quality venues with a crowd who are there first and foremost for the music. 

Click HERE to learn more

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Increase your fanbase with LoudUp

LoudUp is a music social network helping independent artists to make the right connections. Connect with producers, venues, musicians, and studios, find other bands to gig with, promote your music and upcoming gigs, and increase your fanbase.

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LANDR: professional quality mastering in seconds

LANDR is an intelligent online mastering tool that gives musicians a fresh way to professionally master tracks.

LANDR creates a professional quality master in seconds, performing all of the nuanced balancing of traditional mastering using the same big data and machine learning that power technology like music recommendation engines and facial recognition.

See what's possible at

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Shop: Egg n Chips & Billie Jean: A Trip Through the Eighties by Steve Barron

Steve Barron is the director of some of the best-loved music videos and films of the eighties and beyond. His videos include Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Don't You Want Me by the Human League, Take On Me by A-ha and Money For Nothing by Dire Straits as well as songs by David Bowie, Madonna, Adam Ant, Culture Club and many more. Steve's films include the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Mike Bassett: England Manager (a new Mike Bassett movie is currently on the way) and Electric Dreams. Egg 'n Chips & Billie Jean is a joy-ride through the Eighties, driven by someone who helped to make much of it what it was. Fast, funny and insightful, it is just like being there all over again. Steve knew virtually everyone in the world of music and this book is packed full of amusing anecdotes and fascinating insights on a host of Eighties celebrities. From nearly killing Madonna with a falling crane on her very first video shoot to nearly killing A-ha in the woods of Montana, this is the ultimate ringside seat to music history.

quote from The Telegraph review.

This is one of a small selection of books and DVDs we think might interest you.
The link will take you to Amazon, and if you buy, Radar will get a % of Amazon's profit.
So you'll be helping Radar to exist.
Hey, thanks!

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Attitude is Everything - access to live music

Attitude Is Everything - #MusicWithoutBarriers

Attitude is Everything improves Deaf and disabled people's access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. We support the live music sector to understand barriers and access requirements, and encourage events producers to go beyond the legal obligations set out in the Equality Act and implement best practice, providing a fair and equal service to Deaf and disabled music fans.

#MusicWithoutBarriers is a campaign for equal access, to raise awareness of the barriers that Deaf and disabled people are currently facing, to change perceptions of disability and highlight the support for making gigs accessible. Live music is for everyone, so we believe in #MusicWithoutBarriers - Deaf and disabled people shouldn't have to miss out when their favourite band is in town due to poor access.

To support the campaign head to

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Mixmag media sales for dance videos

Join The Mixmag Media Sales Network For Advertising Opportunities & Brand Revenue

We're thrilled to collaborate with Mixmag to offer a great opportunity to all the very excellent EDM artists and labels on Radar. As you no doubt know, Mixmag is the leading global authority on the club scene. They're currently looking for artists to join their Media Sales Network.

With your agreement, they'll represent your YouTube channel in specific pitches to brands and advertisers. You retain all rights and partnerships, whilst taking a share of advertising and brand revenues. Plus as a nice bonus, Mixmag will also provide guidance on video placement and driving views. It doesn't matter if you're already a YouTube partner or with an MCN, you can still partner with Mixmag.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email for more information.

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New network for musicians

A new site for musicians, meet&, has launched.

It helps musicians find and connect with each other. And, for the first time, they can also book studio time online.

Musicians can put up profiles, list their influences and instruments, post video and audio, and then connect with each other.

The video means you can have a good look at other musicians' level and style before you contact them - saving time and embarrassment in the studio...

The site is for all genres and levels of ability. There are professional drummers on the site, looking for a new band, as well as enthusiastic amateurs looking to play more. There are singer-songwriters, violinists, trombonists, pianists, death metal lead guitarists, rappers... all wanting to meet and jam.

The free classified ads are a chance for bands and musicians to connect; but also the perfect place for music teachers and students to get together.

The 'Band Planner' is a private space for groups. They can message each other, use the interactive calendar, and list their gigs, rehearsal and sound-check times. The bass player will never miss another rehearsal.

But that's not all!

Meet and Jam is also an online booking system for rehearsal and recording studios. Bands and musicians can browse through dozens of UK studios, view their rooms and kit, and then book online - with a simple click and credit card payment system.

It is the only online booking system that has been developed specifically for rehearsal and recording studios, and it's a breathtakingly simple and elegant solution to a complex set of challenges.

There's nothing else like it. Take a look!

Meet and Jam - on a mission to get musicians out of their bedrooms and playing live music!

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EmuBands provides a simple-to-use but powerful digital music distribution service for artists and record companies to sell music online through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many more of the World's leading digital music services. In a non-exclusive deal, artists and labels earn 100% of the royalties generated from sales, and maintain full ownership and control of their rights - and with a simple one-off pricing model, there are no annual or renewal fees.

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Founded in 1997, The Orchard is a global independent music and video distribution company that provides an innovative and comprehensive sales and marketing platform for content owners. With industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchard’s creative, tailored approach streamlines its clients’ business while amplifying reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, mobile and physical outlets around the world.

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