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Moody blues beauty from Lexi Kiddo for Howling Bells

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4 years 8 months ago | Work

Howling Bells made up of Juanita Stein, Joel Stein, Glenn Moule and Gary Daines produce 'moody blues/indie twilight/rock'n'roll' from London.

Lexi Kiddo "Slowburn was like a fun roller-coaster ride. I met up with Juanita and we bounced off some ideas but things kept changing until the very last minute. The timeframe was tight and the rest of the band wasn't available to shoot. In the end we just went for it and kept things simple which worked for the best! Juanita with a Fender Starcaster is all you need to make a cool music video. She gave an amazing performance and the result is a fast-paced, gritty video that has a an edgy, raw feel to it.

I'd say I'm at the early stages of my directing career. I have made several music videos but I'm still developing my skills and my style. Radar is a great solution for any director who wants to make music videos. You can self-teach yourself though it. I find that if you actively use it and are smart about how you apply then its well worth it.

People seem to like the video which is great."