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Orla Gartland - 'Roots'

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5 years 6 months ago | Work

Director Yousef Thami explains how the idea for a part animated video came from Orla herself. "She already had an idea of what she wanted the video to look like," he says. "So we worked on and developed that idea to turn it into what it is today. Orla's idea of being swallowed by a giant whale was a strange concept initially but it proved to be fun and light hearted."

How did he pick Orla's music to pitch to? "I sent my treatment through to Orla as she was an artist I had previously discovered on YouTube so I was already familiar with her work. Orla was with us in pre-production stage from the beginning. She gave me great, vivid ideas about the video and about how we should explore the animated world."

The shoot itself took place in the northwest, with help from regional animators. "Orla was helpful enough to fly over from Dublin for the shoot. We began our first day of production in Manchester to film Orla in a studio against a green screen for the animation scenes. The second day saw us shooting on Formby Beach an hour away from Manchester for the outdoor beach shots. The music video was shot by Duncan Howsley of The Lab Exposure who was incredibly easy to work with, creative and helpful. The animation was created by Prosper Unger-Hamilton an animation graduate who is based in Manchester. The treatment for the video required animation, so naturally as Orla was someone I very much liked to work with, I took it upon myself to shop around the internet for some worthy animators. I came across Prosper's work and I thought his work looked incredible so I contacted him and surely enough he replied and created some mock animations to send alongside our treatment."

For Yousef, any video is a balance between the director's vision and the artist's intentions. "I am really pleased with the overall look of the video. The quality is great in terms of animation and live action footage and I feel it really compliments Orla's music. Of course this is not the video I had originally visualised but I'm sure most directors would agree that this is usually the case. We all entered the beach with a clear idea for the video and left with a reworked and redeveloped concept which I felt is much stronger than the original."

And as for working with Radar? "Commissioning through Radar is incredibly simple and the website is very easy to navigate around. This would be my first music video commissioned and is a really valuable tool for any music video director working today."