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Kraak & Smaak 'Good for the City'

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8 years 4 months ago | Work

‘Kids TV on Acid’ is the video for Kraak & Smaak ‘Good for The City’ as described by Director Jonathan Irwin.

We at Radar were really pleased to get the brief for Dutch DJ duo Kraak and Smaak. They're known for commissioning some of the most groundbreaking, engaging music videos of the YouTube generation, so it was a real responsibility to connect them with directors who are up to meeting that challenge.

Director Jonathan Irwin didn't disappoint...

A brilliant mix of live-action and animation, we wouldn’t say it was quite on acid having seen some kids TV shows, but a lot of very busy frames to animate!

Jonathan explains more: The band's brief mentioned they were looking for something a bit different, so as part of the treatment I created a test video of a technique I'd wanted to use for a while - an odd mixture of live-action and animation, the result of which is a bit like a kid's TV show on acid. I shot the video in a friend's loft apartment which we decorated with a ton of fairy lights and colourful junk. I used After Effects to populate the shelves with a variety of dancing cartoon characters drawn from ancient public domain cartons, all rotoscoped and tracked onto the live action. The whole process took about 3 weeks, which is really tight for animation (for me anyway!), but we made the deadline and the band loved it. My first Radar experience and a very positive one!

Trevor gives a bit more of an insight into the treatments he got on Radar and how Jonathan stood ahead of the rest “We were really happy with the quality of the treatments we received on radar for this record but Jonathan went the extra mile and created about 30 seconds of the current video to show the band what he meant.

When the band saw it they knew straight away it was a good fit for them. Jonathan worked closely with the band and label on the full-length video and included the vocalist Sam by shooting him lip-syncing the track remotely and bringing it into the animation. Everyone’s really happy with the end result.”

A few tips for Radar directors when submitting in future perhaps!