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Sirsy 'Lionheart'

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9 years 1 month ago | Work

Anton Octavian is a one-man-band and has completed a beautiful illustrated music video for Sirsy, which was aired on MTV U.

Anton was given a blank canvas for this music video, it is astonishing to see what he has achieved on his own, and in such a short time span. We had a chat with Anton to give you his personal insight behind the video.

What have you achieved, and how happy are you with the final product?
I'm happy right now when I look at the animation and I can't believe that I've done all of that drawings in a short time, I think that was thousand of drawings done on my amazing old Cintiq tablet. Also I was lucky with several live recordings that helped me as a reference to animate the band characters. The folks from Funzalo Records gave me a freehand on this project, especially Dan Agnew who told me "Anton... you're the director...!". I realised that I can be more creative when I'm free to do what I want on the project.

How close to the original treatment was the final product?
For me I think it was about 80% of how I imagined the project. During the project I had to make changes, especially to the end when Mike and Mel from Sirsy and Dan fom Funzalo Records helped me with some great suggestions.

What (if anything) would you do differently?
I do not know! Maybe to try to simplify the complexity of the animation. In general I have a bad habit to complicate the drawing details.

What have you learnt?
I learned many things. Each project brings me new problems and different solutions. One of the things is that when the amount of work is too big you should collaborate with other filmmakers / animators.

Dan Agnew at Mike’s Artist Management has used Radar before and was so happy to have found and now worked with Anton.

The process of finding a director through Radar is always exciting, it gets me in touch with people that I otherwise would not have found on my own. Anton Octavian was definitely one of those directors, being a director from Romania made it even more intriguing.

His insight into the direction of the video was accepted by us (the label) and the band right away. Once I found out he was actually drawing each frame out by hand, it made the whole project amazing. It was actually hard to ask for any edits, though Anton was right there with his awesomeness! The whole process went very smooth and I would recommend Anton to anyone that is looking for an inventive director.

Pre-Production, Post-Production, Directing, Animation, Editing: Anton Octavian
Record Label: Funzalo Records