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Discount code for Video Production Contract

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3 years 9 months ago | Guides

Thank you for using a contract.

Such a sensible thing to do.

Here's how to the access the discount code for the bespoke contract from Wiggin - and please bear in mind the terms and conditions outline in the previous article '5 Good Reasons to Use a PROPER Contract'

1/ Go to Wiggin's Widget site and click on the 'Independent Record Label' document set.

2/ Create an new account or login - the links are extreme top left.

3/ Click on prepare a new document.

4/ Create the video production contract according to the terms you want to apply.

5/ Apply the code RADVID55 at the end of the process when you are paying for the contract. It will apply Radar's exclusive discount of £10.

Hope all goes well - and if it doesn't, you'll have a contract to sort things out smoothly!