How it works Creatives

1/ Let’s say you’re a filmmaker & photographer in the States, who wants to make more music-related work
(or you could be a graphic designer or interactive designer, and you could live anywhere in the world)
2/ You choose the free / pay to pitch account and set up your portfolio on Radar
(or you could choose a paying account and get full benefits straight away. But let’s say you’re super-cautious)
3/ Now commissioners can see your portfolio when they’re browsing Radar.
(search results are ordered by most recent login)
4/ Commissioners who like your portfolio can send you their briefs
5/ Let’s say you decide to become a full paying creative
6/ Now you can access and respond to other Radar briefs
Actively increase your commissioner contacts
7/ Also, your social and contact details are activated in your portfolio, so commissioners can easily contact you anytime
Your details are only activated for logged-in users, to protect you from spam and fishing

How it works Career development through Radar

1/ One of Radar’s key goals is to help creatives achieve more career success and to ultimately make a living from their creative work
We identify rising talent and bring them to the attention of world-class agents, reps, production companies, commissioners & journalists
2/ We do this via promoting commissioned work, via the annual Radar Awards, and via applying ‘recommended’ status to rising talent
3/ Recommended creatives access higher value briefs which are sometimes only open to ‘recommendeds’.
They build connections with more powerful commissioners
4/ Also, commissioners can search by ‘recommended’ when they’re browsing creatives.
More commissioners put them into their ‘likes’ lists
5/ The criteria for recommended status is in FAQs.
If you have work at that standard, but no curator proof, you can also ask us to assess your portfolio for recommended status.
6/ What if your work isn’t at that quality standard yet?
Make more and better work, it’s the only way! There’s plenty of briefs from great labels, management companies and artists open to all creatives on Radar. There’s also blog posts to help you promote your completed work
7/ What if you’re pitching for work but not getting commissions?
If you’ve had a paying account for 6 months and pitched at least 10 times, we guarantee to give you private & bespoke coaching on where you can improve your game, free of charge.
8/ Does any of this actually work?
Yes. There are many Radar creatives who have gone on to greater and sometimes amazing things, often as a result of exciting or high-profile work they’ve managed to make through Radar, or through coming to prominence in the Radar Awards. A lot of their stories are in the blog