How it works Commissioners

1/ Let’s say you want an official music video featuring your new act, currently recording in LA (you can also commission a lyric video, or creative director, or sleeve art, or merch design, or a concert shoot, or a logo, or photography, or web design, or documentary)
2/ We do this via promoting commissioned work, via the annual Radar Awards, and via applying ‘recommended’ status to rising talent
3/ You remember a director you really like - search for them and add to your ‘Likes’ list
4/ Create your brief (it takes just a few minutes) and send it to three of the creatives in your ‘Likes’ list
5/ Hmm, you’d like more than 3 responses. You decide to publish your brief, open to all recommended creatives on Radar
Find creatives you don’t know about yet
6/ Oh yes! You’d love Lucy Rae to pitch but you can’t find her on Radar. That’s OK - you can still send her the brief.
7/ You can see all the responses in one place - and it’s easy to give feedback!
8/ Do you want Radar to promote your release?
We can promote in our blog, newsletter & socials