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Increase your fanbase with LoudUp

LoudUp is a music social network helping independent artists to make the right connections. Connect with producers, venues, musicians, and studios, find other bands to gig with, promote your music and upcoming gigs, and increase your fanbase.

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Fluence helps promote your videos to a larger audience

Use Fluence's new platform to access a global network of curators, tastemakers, bloggers, experts, journalists, agencies, and other trusted sources who are looking for music and video to work with and will help promote your video or give you constructive feedback.

"Fluence has been amazing on taking my Radar commissioned video "Nostalgia" to another level by exposing it to otherwise almost inaccessible industry gatekeepers, who then went on to share it and review it through their own platforms" ~ Pedro Meirelles (Electronic/Classical Composer)

See what the platform can do for you. 

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Tradiio: Get New Fans and Earn Valuable Rewards

Tradiio offers you the chance to be more than a passive listener. Discover, invest and support artists you believe in. Help them take the opportunities they deserve and together we will create a vibrant, interactive global music community.

Open to up-and-coming and more established artists, Tradiio is also a launchpad for mu-sicians, allowing them to gain credibility and exposure, while offering them rewards and opportunities. These include a slot on the Tradiio Stage at Field Day as well as benefits from Tradiio's label partnership with Believe; access to studio time through Tradiio's part-nership with Miloco and the chance to make a video thanks to Tradiio's partnership with Radar Music Videos.

Explore and listen at Tradiio.com

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Mixmag media sales for dance videos

Join The Mixmag Media Sales Network For Advertising Opportunities & Brand Revenue

We're thrilled to collaborate with Mixmag to offer a great opportunity to all the very excellent EDM artists and labels on Radar. As you no doubt know, Mixmag is the leading global authority on the club scene. They're currently looking for artists to join their Media Sales Network.

With your agreement, they'll represent your YouTube channel in specific pitches to brands and advertisers. You retain all rights and partnerships, whilst taking a share of advertising and brand revenues. Plus as a nice bonus, Mixmag will also provide guidance on video placement and driving views. It doesn't matter if you're already a YouTube partner or with an MCN, you can still partner with Mixmag.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email james@mixmag.net for more information.

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