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Launched in June 2015, Headliner is an online marketplace bringing world-class artists together with bookers and event professionals. We have made it super easy to book live entertainment, whilst helping artists earn a sustainable living doing what they do best. We believe musicians should be able to earn a decent living and have more control over their career.

Our in-house team vets every artist on our site, and we have a review system as part of our continuous vetting process. We are not an agency and our technology lets artists manage their bookings from start to end, giving the power back to the performers. We also work with lots of great partners, such as Radar, to help our artists excel in every area of their career.

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Insurance - you need it! - and thanks to MIB's exclusive and generous deal, filmmakers & artists save a lot of money with Radar

If you're filmmaker or a performer, you need insurance cover. We've teamed up with leading UK company, Media Insurance Brokers, to create an exclusive deal to save £68 on their already attractive touring and production packages.

There are three reasons to take out insurance cover:

Legal, the law of the land requires you have basic insurance cover to make films and perform in public,

Contractual, many work agreements you have will require you carry insurance cover,

Asset protection, to protect against loss or damage to equipment.

Public Liability is a legal requirement and so is Employers Liability - they cover the health and safety of your cast, crew, injury to any person and damage to property.

Equipment cover is optional but is very good sense.

Artists, bands, managers & labels in the UK who use or who have used Radar in the last 12 months can benefit from an additional 10% off quoted prices in MIB's bespoke package for performing artists, called PLAYSAFE.

Directors and production companies in the UK who are Radar subscribers can benefit from another exclusive deal for Public Liability, Employers Liability and Equipment Insurance, which could save a whopping £68 off the annual insurance premium. Again, email Heather to pick up your exclusive discount code.

Here's the deals:

Artists, bands, labels, managers:

Click through for more details about PLAYSAFE and email Heather to pick up your exclusive 10% discount code.

Directors, production companies:

Cover Type Limit

Public Liability £2M

Annual Premium £110

Public Liability £5M

Annual Premium £195

Employers Liability £10M

Annual Premium £60

Equipment UK/EU equipment coverage per £10k cover £10k

Annual Premium £110

Equipment worldwide coverage

per £10k cover £10k

Annual Premium £225

Depending on individual requirements MIB can also quote for bespoke packages of cover.

All policies include full theft cover which is NOT restricted to forcible or violent entry

Premiums include insurance premium tax at 9.50%

Excess is £250 per claim on equipment policies and third party property claims.

Public Liability assumes annual income for any freelancer or production company with turnover below £80k

Employers Liability based on annual wageroll of up to £25k

We can provide a temporary increase at any time, and do often when someone is filming or playing at a location where they demand £5M or £10M etc

Portable equipment is included in the examples we provided – in reality this is normally laptops and cameras but can include any kit apart from mobile phones.

Temporary increase from £2M to £5M for the period required.  We do this a lot and the additional premium will be calculated in each scenario.  A single month of uplift would probably be around £25 plus tax.

Permanent increase.  The client would only be charged the difference.  So, for instance, after 3 months with a £2M limit there would be a £57 additional premium to permanently increase to £5M limit for the remaining 9 months of the policy.

We would never penalise the client for changing the cover, just charge them the difference but there would always be a minimum charge of £25 for any adjustment due to the admin costs of doing so.

ps: Here's further, background reading about insurance cover

comprehensive guides are available on the MIB site http://www.media-insurance.co.uk/




pps: MIB can often quote for performers and producers outside the UK, but we can't yet provide standard, off-the-shelf deals. If you're based outside the UK and are interested in a friendly and competitive quote, please get in touch.

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Sentric Music & VMSLive have launched On:Demand, a service that provides live opportunities and career support to artists of all levels.

On:Demand gives;
- Emerging artists the opportunity to support internationally acclaimed touring acts across the UK.
- A 'proper' gig to high quality venues with a crowd who are there first and foremost for the music. 

Click HERE to learn more

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Increase your fanbase with LoudUp

LoudUp is a music social network helping independent artists to make the right connections. Connect with producers, venues, musicians, and studios, find other bands to gig with, promote your music and upcoming gigs, and increase your fanbase.

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Radar Introduces a unique Video Production Contract for Directors, Labels, Artists and Managers in the UK

Launched at MusicVidFest at the Roundhouse earlier this month, Radar introduces a unique contract accessible to Labels, Managers, Artists and Directors working in the UK.

Radar Music Videos is the leading community music video directors in the world, with more than 17,000 registered users, so they're well aware of the need for simple, accessible and affordable video production contracts. 

No such contract existed before now - available options are complex, expensive or heavily weighted in favour of one party or the other - so Radar approached leading UK media lawyers Wiggin LLP to create a simple agreement for Radar's users and others in the video production sector.

Radar are hoping the contract will standardise protocols in the unregulated world of low-budget music video production.

Users are taken through all the common requirements for production, like cashflow, re-edits, ownership and promotional use - and are able to customise the contract as appropriate for each particular project. The contract is unique, in that it is equally fair to both parties. It's also written in plain English and downloadable.  

Price is also a big consideration for this market sector. The the contract via Radar is discounted by £10, costing £25 plus VAT. Full details of how to buy the contract can be found on Radar's blog.

"We know a lot of commissioners and directors approach video production with a 'fingers-crossed' attitude, which can easily unravel" says Lisa Goll, marketing manager of Radar. "We hope the availability of this contact encourages directors and commissioners to use contracts as a matter of course - most disagreements are easily solved if terms have been discussed with a clear head and documented in advance.

In line with this promotion, Radar and Wiggin have produced an infographic and advice article: "Five Good Reasons to use a PROPER Contract for your Music Videos" for free distribution. 

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Lift-Off Film Festivals

Global festival network, Lift-Off Film Festivals, are seeking short films, features and music videos for their ten international screenings in 2015 and beyond. 

See their website for screening locations, deadlines and submission guidelines.

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Fluence helps promote your videos to a larger audience

Use Fluence's new platform to access a global network of curators, tastemakers, bloggers, experts, journalists, agencies, and other trusted sources who are looking for music and video to work with and will help promote your video or give you constructive feedback.

"Fluence has been amazing on taking my Radar commissioned video "Nostalgia" to another level by exposing it to otherwise almost inaccessible industry gatekeepers, who then went on to share it and review it through their own platforms" ~ Pedro Meirelles (Electronic/Classical Composer)

See what the platform can do for you. 

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One Thousand Eyes | Submit your Music Video

One Thousand Eyes is an online blog that houses the best in new and old Music Video talent. Your one-stop shop for the best Music Videos today.

Founded by Dann Emmons in 2015; One Thousand Eyes now boasts a wide range of new writers, from bloggers, to music video directors, to artists themselves, all commenting on the quality of talent coming out of the Music Video industry today.

OTE's goal is to create a hub of creativity focused at this enormous media sector and house some of the best new music videos to date. Submit a new Music Video using their online form. 

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Backtrack Music: launch your music career today

Backtrack Music is a platform specialized for Record Labels, Managers, and Unsigned Artists throughout the world. Our software works to make the processing and review of A&R easy in order to create more efficient opportunities for discovery. Backtrack is currently used throughout 30 countries and for several labels, serves as their platform for submissions. Welcome to Backtrack and the future of music.

Reach record labels and music industry professionals via Backtrack Music today.

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Tradiio: Get New Fans and Earn Valuable Rewards

Tradiio offers you the chance to be more than a passive listener. Discover, invest and support artists you believe in. Help them take the opportunities they deserve and together we will create a vibrant, interactive global music community.

Open to up-and-coming and more established artists, Tradiio is also a launchpad for mu-sicians, allowing them to gain credibility and exposure, while offering them rewards and opportunities. These include a slot on the Tradiio Stage at Field Day as well as benefits from Tradiio's label partnership with Believe; access to studio time through Tradiio's part-nership with Miloco and the chance to make a video thanks to Tradiio's partnership with Radar Music Videos.

Explore and listen at Tradiio.com

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LANDR: professional quality mastering in seconds

LANDR is an intelligent online mastering tool that gives musicians a fresh way to professionally master tracks.

LANDR creates a professional quality master in seconds, performing all of the nuanced balancing of traditional mastering using the same big data and machine learning that power technology like music recommendation engines and facial recognition.

See what's possible at LANDR.com

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Shop: Egg n Chips & Billie Jean: A Trip Through the Eighties by Steve Barron

Steve Barron is the director of some of the best-loved music videos and films of the eighties and beyond. His videos include Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Don't You Want Me by the Human League, Take On Me by A-ha and Money For Nothing by Dire Straits as well as songs by David Bowie, Madonna, Adam Ant, Culture Club and many more. Steve's films include the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Mike Bassett: England Manager (a new Mike Bassett movie is currently on the way) and Electric Dreams. Egg 'n Chips & Billie Jean is a joy-ride through the Eighties, driven by someone who helped to make much of it what it was. Fast, funny and insightful, it is just like being there all over again. Steve knew virtually everyone in the world of music and this book is packed full of amusing anecdotes and fascinating insights on a host of Eighties celebrities. From nearly killing Madonna with a falling crane on her very first video shoot to nearly killing A-ha in the woods of Montana, this is the ultimate ringside seat to music history.

quote from The Telegraph review.

This is one of a small selection of books and DVDs we think might interest you.
The link will take you to Amazon, and if you buy, Radar will get a % of Amazon's profit.
So you'll be helping Radar to exist.
Hey, thanks!

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Rormix - Music Worth Watching

Rormix is a platform which allows users to discover new emerging music videos from independent and unsigned artists.

What separates Rormix from other apps is an exclusive focus on unsigned and independent bands, artists and labels, providing a platform for those that don’t have any other legitimate visual space besides YouTube and Myspace. Instead of passing through the videos blindly, users can enter an artist that they already love and Rormix will suggest those that bring a similar sound or style.

So far:

  • 150,000+ downloads in over 180 countries
  • 50,000+ monthly active users
  • 5000+ music videos
  • Featured in the Chinese app store - where YouTube is banned!
  • Deal with 700+ gyms in the UK, displaying videos in front of more than 2 million people a month, and soon to sign a deal with 2000 gyms in the US upping viewership to 10 million
  • Used by industry exec's for talent scouting
  • Featured in Forbes, Wired, Billboard, The Sunday Times, BBC, The Next Web and more...

Rormix is an app available on iOS, Android, Firefox and all mobile and desktop devices.

To submit your latest videos (there's no cost), just visit: Rormix.com/submit

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Prod cos and reps in the Headhunted Directors eco-system

- Partizan - Black Dog - Th1ng - Crossfire - Burning Reel - Chief - Kode Media - Las Bandas Be Brave

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Attitude is Everything - access to live music

Attitude Is Everything - #MusicWithoutBarriers

Attitude is Everything improves Deaf and disabled people's access to live music by working in partnership with audiences, artists and the music industry. We support the live music sector to understand barriers and access requirements, and encourage events producers to go beyond the legal obligations set out in the Equality Act and implement best practice, providing a fair and equal service to Deaf and disabled music fans.

#MusicWithoutBarriers is a campaign for equal access, to raise awareness of the barriers that Deaf and disabled people are currently facing, to change perceptions of disability and highlight the support for making gigs accessible. Live music is for everyone, so we believe in #MusicWithoutBarriers - Deaf and disabled people shouldn't have to miss out when their favourite band is in town due to poor access.

To support the campaign head to www.musicwithoutbarriers.org.

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Mixmag media sales for dance videos

Join The Mixmag Media Sales Network For Advertising Opportunities & Brand Revenue

We're thrilled to collaborate with Mixmag to offer a great opportunity to all the very excellent EDM artists and labels on Radar. As you no doubt know, Mixmag is the leading global authority on the club scene. They're currently looking for artists to join their Media Sales Network.

With your agreement, they'll represent your YouTube channel in specific pitches to brands and advertisers. You retain all rights and partnerships, whilst taking a share of advertising and brand revenues. Plus as a nice bonus, Mixmag will also provide guidance on video placement and driving views. It doesn't matter if you're already a YouTube partner or with an MCN, you can still partner with Mixmag.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email james@mixmag.net for more information.

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New network for musicians

A new site for musicians, meet&jam.com, has launched.

It helps musicians find and connect with each other. And, for the first time, they can also book studio time online.

Musicians can put up profiles, list their influences and instruments, post video and audio, and then connect with each other.

The video means you can have a good look at other musicians' level and style before you contact them - saving time and embarrassment in the studio...

The site is for all genres and levels of ability. There are professional drummers on the site, looking for a new band, as well as enthusiastic amateurs looking to play more. There are singer-songwriters, violinists, trombonists, pianists, death metal lead guitarists, rappers... all wanting to meet and jam.

The free classified ads are a chance for bands and musicians to connect; but also the perfect place for music teachers and students to get together.

The 'Band Planner' is a private space for groups. They can message each other, use the interactive calendar, and list their gigs, rehearsal and sound-check times. The bass player will never miss another rehearsal.

But that's not all!

Meet and Jam is also an online booking system for rehearsal and recording studios. Bands and musicians can browse through dozens of UK studios, view their rooms and kit, and then book online - with a simple click and credit card payment system.

It is the only online booking system that has been developed specifically for rehearsal and recording studios, and it's a breathtakingly simple and elegant solution to a complex set of challenges.

There's nothing else like it. Take a look!


Meet and Jam - on a mission to get musicians out of their bedrooms and playing live music!

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What is Music Week Presents?

A digital talent showcase
Your track gets featured on the homepage of Music Week (www.musicweek.com) and on the Music Week Presents page
sound cloud/youtube embed, Artist/Album/Single picture featured and space for a 200 word bio
Your track gets sent to the inboxes of over 8,000 industry execs as part of Music Week daily digest
Link to story tweeted to over 56,000 followers of @MusicWeekNews
Be part of the monthly Music Week Presents playlist that gets sent out to the Music Week Daily Digest
The best way to get new music and unsigned artists in front of the most influential readership possible
Goes through a selection process
If chosen, it only costs 295 + VAT (this is due to the high calibre industry contacts we send this to)

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PRS For Music Foundation- Momentum Music Fund

Radar is proud to be a friend of Momentum Music Fund.

Inspired by examples of other nations' support of popular music, as well as a recognised gap in seed funding for emerging acts, Momentum represents an important development in Arts Council England's support for this area of music.

Managed by PRS for Music Foundation, the UK's leading funder of new music, the programme will award individual grants of 5,000-15,000 to between 50-75 artists and bands over the next two years.

Additionally, record labels, music managers, music publishers and other industry professionals can apply on their artist's behalf, but must detail how funding will drive their career development.

Details and Momentum's online application process can be found at www.prsformusicfoundation.com

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EmuBands provides a simple-to-use but powerful digital music distribution service for artists and record companies to sell music online through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many more of the World's leading digital music services. In a non-exclusive deal, artists and labels earn 100% of the royalties generated from sales, and maintain full ownership and control of their rights - and with a simple one-off pricing model, there are no annual or renewal fees.

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Founded in 1997, The Orchard is a global independent music and video distribution company that provides an innovative and comprehensive sales and marketing platform for content owners. With industry-leading technology and operations, The Orchards creative, tailored approach streamlines its clients business while amplifying reach and revenue across hundreds of digital, mobile and physical outlets around the world.

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