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Treatment Deadline: 16/01/2018
Budget: $5000.00
Location: Anywhere
Album artwork (Brief No. 3674)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/album-artworkhttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/album-artworkTue, 09 Jan 2018 10:34:49 +0000electronica artist which received great acclaim from the likes of Line OF Best Fit, 405, Guardian, NME, Uncut, Q Lauren Laverne. Radio 1 etc
Treatment Deadline: 19/01/2018
Budget: £450.00
Location: Anywhere
Vibrant/Exciting/Energetic Live video needed for signed UK Country Artist with full manageme... (Brief No. 3679)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/vibrant-exciting-energetic-live-video-needed-for-signed-uk-country-artist-with-full-management-label-pr-campaignhttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/vibrant-exciting-energetic-live-video-needed-for-signed-uk-country-artist-with-full-management-label-pr-campaignMon, 15 Jan 2018 16:15:56 +0000We are looking for a team to film and produce a live music video for an upcoming country music artist, shot with her band in a music venue in London on February 4th 2018.
Treatment Deadline: 23/01/2018
Budget: £1500.00
Location: The Borderline, London
Reliable and Professional Videographer/Video Editor for Ongoing Content (Brief No. 3676)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/reliable-and-professional-videographer-video-editor-for-ongoing-contenthttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/reliable-and-professional-videographer-video-editor-for-ongoing-contentThu, 11 Jan 2018 09:58:23 +0000Reliable and Professional Videographer/Video Editor for Ongoing Content
Treatment Deadline: 26/01/2018
Budget: £150.00
Location: United Kingdom
Reopened as change in dates - Director with strong DP skills (or team of both) required to s... (Brief No. 3589)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/are-you-out-there-music-videohttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/are-you-out-there-music-videoSat, 21 Oct 2017 13:58:59 +0000Director with strong DP skills (or team of both) required to shoot video for the main single of Emmy nominated singer.
Treatment Deadline: 29/01/2018
Budget: £2000.00
Location: London
Artwork for an electro-jazz album cover (Brief No. 3652)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/artwork-for-an-electro-jazz-album-coverhttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/artwork-for-an-electro-jazz-album-coverWed, 13 Dec 2017 20:08:02 +0000We are an acoustic electro/hip-hop/jazz band, and we're going to release our first EP in May. We need an artwork for the cover, which will feature a walrus probably well dressed in a jacuzzi.
Treatment Deadline: 01/02/2018
Budget: €400.00
Location: Anywhere
Fat Cat (Brief No. 3673)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/fat-cathttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/fat-catWed, 20 Dec 2017 20:13:28 +0000Indie/Folk artist seeks animated music video for spring 2018 release.
Treatment Deadline: 01/02/2018
Budget: $500.00
Location: Anywhere
H E L M A U D - Winds (feat. Fabienne Debarre) (Official Video) (Brief No. 3670)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/h-e-l-m-a-u-d-winds-feat-fabienne-debarre-official-videohttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/h-e-l-m-a-u-d-winds-feat-fabienne-debarre-official-videoThu, 04 Jan 2018 23:16:06 +0000 I wrote «Winds » as a tribut to my brother who was sick & finely past aways. I wanted to make a music video in animation/draw. The Songs talks about Him & I. No expectation. Only Beauty & poetry !
Treatment Deadline: 01/02/2018
Budget: €500.00
Location: ANywhere
London based Female electronic pop act looking for music video (Brief No. 3678)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/london-based-female-electronic-pop-act-looking-for-music-videohttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/london-based-female-electronic-pop-act-looking-for-music-videoSat, 13 Jan 2018 22:10:05 +0000Electronic Pop act with established following (10k combined across socials) working with well known professional PR company to promote second official music video. Generous deadlines.
Treatment Deadline: 15/02/2018
Budget: £1000.00
Location: London, UK
Cinematic -emotionally charged music vdeo (Brief No. 3677)http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/cinematic-emotionally-charged-music-vdeohttp://www.radarmusicvideos.com/music-video-briefs/cinematic-emotionally-charged-music-vdeoThu, 11 Jan 2018 12:47:39 +0000Emotionally, Colourful Cinematic Movie experience
Treatment Deadline: 23/02/2018
Budget: £1000.00
Location: We have already booked an amazing house in London