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“I make visuals”

The account for creatives to pitch on briefs for music videos, lyric videos, live shoots, stage visuals, gifs, sleeve design, merch design, photography and any other music visuals.

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Career breakthroughs

Connect to commissioners you might never reach by phone or email, via your pitches.

Connect to reps, agents and production companies you might never reach by phone or email, via our promotion of commissioned projects.

Repeat business

Our commissioners usually have an ongoing need for new work. Many of our creatives are still commissioned off-Radar via connections they made first with us.

Career development

We help our best creatives to get signed to leading reps, agents & production companies, by promoting their commissions and by sharing insider knowledge like ‘who’s who’ and how the industry works.

Save money

Creatives get exclusive access to discount deals with studios and rental services, heavily discounted insurance and contract templates, plus free entry to the prestigious Radar Awards for Radar-commissioned videos.

Our guarantee

if you haven’t been commissioned after 6 months but have pitched on at least 10 briefs, we will give you free, personalised coaching feedback, with practical tips for winning future commissions

“I need visuals”

The account for record labels, artist managers and artists who need music videos, lyric videos, live shoots, stage visuals, gifs, web design, sleeve design, merch design, photography and any other music visuals.


Post unlimited briefs for music videos, lyric videos, gifs, live, digital design & artwork, photography and any other music visuals

Access member-only industry guides

Radar monthly magazine


Save time discovering new creative talent.

One-stop commissioning - manage commissioning for all the visual assets you need for your marketing campaigns.

Quality ensured from our filtered, exclusive creatives.

No overspend stress - Radar creatives make the project they pitch on time and to budget

Free promotion - all projects made via Radar are promoted across our substantial social networks. We help the best projects get published in leading music and creative industry blogs too.

Radar is free to use for commissioners.

No fees, no percentages, no strings attached.

Membership FAQ

What content can I commission on Radar?

Any kind of visual you need to promote music.

From official music videos, to photography, gifs, stage visuals, webpages, newsletter design, live shoots, b-roll, EPK, packaging design, artwork for tour posters and album covers. 

How do I find the best creatives on Radar?

The best creatives’ pitches are marked with a star - you’ll spot them as you browse through your pitches in your account pages.

These creatives are usually exclusive to Radar and their work has been quality checked by us. Exclusive creatives generally have work that has won awards, has secured amazing editorial eg Vimeo Staff Picks, and/or has huge consumer success eg massive YouTube views.

Exclusive creatives often respond to briefs at all budget levels, but to receive pitches from these Exclusive creatives only, your brief needs a minimum budget of $2,000, £2,000, E2,000 for official music videos and $500, £500, E500 minimum for all other ‘Exclusives only’ briefs.

Avoid disasters! The commissioner checklist

First impressions

Is the creative’s pitch well-written and presented, does it give you a clear picture of what you can expect to see in the finished content? 


Past work is the best indicator of how future work will look. Look at the creative’s previous work, listed in their profile. Do you like this creative’s work? Are there any unexplained one-off jumps in quality? If there's a video you particularly like, ask about the producer and production crew involved - will they also be involved in the video you’re commissioning? Does the pitch seem achievable by the creative, based on their previous work? 

Likeable, truthful?

Can you research the creative’s background? Do their social links work? If the creative is active on social media, do they seem like someone you want to work with? Are there any weird gaps in their resume eg they say they've made 5 music videos but you can only see 2. 


Check their Radar profile for reviews or contact the creative and ask for people you can contact for recommendations. 

Manage creative expectations

If you're not clear about any aspects of the pitch, say so up front. The pitch is a fundamental basis for your creative relationship. If you want more reassurance about the look of the completed content, ask for simple sketches, story boards or similar.

Manage business expectations

ALWAYS use a contract, see below. Beware of creatives offering to work for less than budget - it might encourage you to overlook other issues.

Pay it back

Once the content is finished, we'd love you to leave a review on the creative’s profile on Radar for the benefit of future commissioners - the link to the creative’s profile is in their pitch. Thanks!

Low / No pitches?

Creatives usually submit their pitches very close to pitch deadline - expect last minute interest.

However, if your pitch deadline has passed and you had very few or no pitches, this is usually because the budget is too low, or the deadlines are too tight.

You're welcome to post your brief again with a higher budget or an extended deadline.

If you’d like more advice about your particular brief, contact Heather, client manager.

Radar credit

We would love to get a credit for helping you connect with creatives and always appreciate acknowledgement. Either ‘Online rep, Radar’ or ‘Commissioned via Radar’ is great, thanks.

Who made the videos on Radar's home page?

Rafe Jennings, director for Will Joseph Cooke’s ‘Take Me Dancing’ on Warner Bros. Rafe won ‘Best Newcomer’ with this fresh dance video at the highly prestigious 2016 UKMVA

Ellis Bahl director for Alt_J’s ‘Breezeblocks’ on Infectious Records. Ellis won ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2011 UKMVA and subsequently signed to world class commercial production companies Doomsday and Colonel Blimp. The 'backwards' video is far and away Alt_J’s most successful video, with views well over 100 million at the time of writing.

Javier Longobardo animated the beautiful video for Corbu’s ‘thing’, on 3 Beat Records. Javier picked up multiple festival awards and a Vimeo Staff Pick for this.

Newcomer Phoebe Hartley made the much loved, sad rabbit video in Australia for 'Heavy Sea' by Thom Cross

Nicholas Lam made this audacious video for Blink 182. Not made through Radar! Nicholas got the commission because of a previous commission he won in Radar for Salvatore Ganacci. It was a great video and got him a lot of attention - and the Blink 182 commissioners found him through that.

Tom Walsh made the beautifully lit video for Savage Messiah's 'Hellraiser'. It features the disturbing talents of Pixie Le Knot, from Game of Thrones.

Avoid disasters! The contract

In using Radar, you agree to make a contract with your creative if you commission, or your commissioner if you're commissioned. 

There are many areas where you could disagree or have liabilities, even if you get off to a rosy start. 

Contracts have two virtues - they require both parties to discuss potential problems before they arise, improving the chance of resolving those problems if they do happen. Then, if there are irreconcilable problems, a contract gives you both the legal line on what to do next.

UK video commissioners can use this specialist and affordable production contract from leading lawyers, Wiggin (http://www.wiggin.co.uk/) There is a significant discount for Radar users - details of how to access the contract and discount are in the Partners pages - visible only to members.

If you’re commissioning outside the UK or for a non-video format, look for ‘work for hire’ template contracts on the internet.

Commissioner deals & discounts

Check our Partners page, where members can access heavily discounted insurance and production contracts, plus many other useful services & discounts, ranging from online security services to promo and PR.

How does Radar help build my career?

Career breakthroughs

Connect to commissioners you might never reach by phone or email, via your pitches.

Connect to reps, agents and production companies you might never reach by phone or email, via our promotion of your commissioned projects.

Repeat business

Our commissioners usually have an ongoing need for new work. Many Radar creatives continue to be commissioned off-Radar, via connections they first made through Radar.

Career development

Radar gives creatives the opportunity to do more pitching and make more work, both of which are the core of building expertise and ability.

We help our best creatives to get signed to leading reps, agents & production companies, by promoting their commissions and by sharing insider knowledge in the blog, with guides like ‘who’s who’ and how the industry works.

Radar Awards

Commissioners, reps, commercial production companies and specialist journalists are all judges for the Radar Awards, ensuring the best new talent is seen early on by leading industry tastemakers. Award winners are mentored by leading production companies. Many winning and shortlisted creatives have been signed as a result.

Do commissioners reply to pitches?

Yes they mainly do.

We appreciate the work that goes into pitching and that it’s important to you to get feedback. This is what we've built to make it more likely you get that feedback.


  • Email reminders to provide feedback are automatically sent to commissioners at 4 key commissioning stages.
  • If you want to prompt commissioners to feedback too, you can use the ‘request feedback’ button in your account pages.
  • If you still haven’t heard back from commissioners, contact Heather, Client Manager and she'll follow up for you

Is there promotion support for my commission?

All content made via Radar can be promoted across our substantial social networks. 

We help you get the best content get published in leading music industry blogs too - check out the PR & Promo guides and lists in the blog.

To get your commissioned content into our promo network, contact Lizzie, PR & promotions

Creatives' community, deals & discounts

All subscribing creatives can access Radar’s community group.

As well as providing a friendly place to share work, ask and answer questions and find out who got commissioned for what, the group has details of deals and discounts for equipment hire and studios, many of them exclusively negotiated for Radar subscribers.

Creatives are also welcome to post their own ads for crew or team members wanted, or kit hire available at ‘mates rates’. To offer discounted services to the Radar community, or to get access to the community group, contact Heather, Client Manager 

Are my creative ideas protected?

- Your idea is as protected as it would be if you were pitching via a rep or production company. 

- Only the creative concerned, the commissioner and site admins can see pitches on the website. 

- All emailed pitches carry a note stating the pitch is copyright to the writer. 

- Some briefs generate similar pitches because of the subject matter, it's also important to take zeitgeist into account. Creatives may find the legendary Dougal Wilson's advice useful 

What if I don't win any briefs?

Our guarantee

if you haven’t been commissioned after 6 months but have pitched on at least 10 briefs, we will give you free, personalised coaching, with practical tips for winning future commissions

Reps, agencies & production companies

Does it matter if you're signed to a rep, agent or production company?

The short answer is no - we're really happy to have you on Radar and help you get access to exciting briefs worldwide.

You do need to check with your rep / agent / head of production, to make sure they are happy for you to win work through Radar. As you know, we take no percentage from you or your budget, so it shouldn't affect the commercial contract you have with them. 
If you do have any concerns or further questions, just drop Heather an email.

How do I unsubscribe?

It’s very easy. 

If you're a commissioner, your account is free and you don't need to unsubscribe.

If you're a creative, go to your account, click on ‘Settings’ and then click 'downgrade now'.

Your access to briefs continues until your already-paid-for period runs out. 

Or request manual cancellation by admins ahead of your next renewal, which we do free of charge. 

You will receive confirmation of cancellation - please don't assume your renewal has been cancelled until you receive that confirmation.


We do often make refunds, but minus an admin fee, as it’s your responsibility to manage your payment and renewals. 

Late cancellation refunds: 

  • Refund request up to 48 hours following renewal, £10 GBP administration fee
  • Refund request after 72 hours following re-subscription, no refund. 

New account refunds: 

  • Refund request up to 24 hours following sign-up, £20 GBP administration fee.
  • Refund request after 24 hours following sign-up, no refund.

Account deletion

To have your account deleted, contact Heather, Client Manager

What is an Exclusive creative?

Exclusive creatives represent the best of Radar, and we believe, the best of new, up & coming creative talent worldwide.

They are creatives whose work has featured in any of the media listed below or who are on an Exclusive tryout. To get Exclusive status or to apply for a tryout, please complete your Radar profile and send your profile link to Rene, Client Manager

Exclusive creatives can pitch on the higher budget ‘Exclusive-only’ briefs.

Their profiles and pitches are marked with a star, to distinguish them to commissioners.

Exclusive creatives can be repped or signed, but they agree to only use Radar for online pitching.

Music video media:

- 1point4                                               

- BeakStreetBugle                                 - Bug 

- Creativity                                             - Creative Review

- David's Video Zoo                               - Motionographer

- Little Black Book                                 - Shots                          

- Stash                                                  - Submarine                  

- The Curious Brain                              - VOTD 

- VideoStatic - editorial features only, links to self-submitted Videostatic features don't qualify.

- Vimeo Staff Picks

Art & Culture media:

- Booooooom                                       - Dazed Digital

- It's Nice That                                      - Hunger.tv

- Nowness                                            - Vice, The Creators Project, Noisey, Thump

- Fubiz                                                 - Tsugi    

- Lost at E Minor


Festivals & Awards:

Shortlists and wins are both relevant. 

- The Radar Awards

- Aesthetica Short Film Fest                   - Born Shorts

- Brief Encounters Film Festival             - D&AD

- Encounters                                           - IMVF

- IMVF Paris                                            - LAMVAs

- one dot zero                                         - Saatchi and Saatchi New Directors Showcase

- Shoot Online annual lists                      - Sundance

- SxSW Film                                            - UKMVAs   

- Young Directors Award

Contact us

Please email admin@radarmusicvideos.com, to reach Heather, our worldwide Client Manager, operating on European time.

For our US office, email hello@sneakattackmedia.com, where you'll get Marni or Mike

This is our mailing address:
PO Box 68976
NW26 9EW