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Radar has been brilliant for us. We directed some of our best work through Radar, which contributed to us getting signed, and it's a great way to build up your reel with proper artists and labels.

Adi Kerr, Director

"Thanks for the service, ! was very impressed. Got some really great treatments, it was hard to decide! have told all my musician mates here in NZ about radar. Its bizzare, over here it is common to spend between $5-8000 NZD on music videos, so its really awesome to find up and coming directors who will work for for an amount we can actually afford!"

Luke Thompson, independent artist

Radar has played a very strong and important part in my career of a music video director, they've put me in touch with some incredible artists and labels and I have made some great industry contacts and friends because of it. I also have Radar to thank for helping me achieve what has always been my lifetime goal; becoming a signed director. It was the video I made through Radar that got me here..

Lewis Cater, Director