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Tripnotic ‘Tricky Three’

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3 years 9 months ago | Work

Iconic New York settings, avant garde shooting techniques and a Broadway star make a compelling video for EDM artist Tripnotic.

Tripnotic is a composer, producer, remixer, radio and club DJ, label owner, music journalist and promoter. He’s produced on Matrix Revisited for Warner Bros and runs his own label, Filter. Emil decided to use Radar to commission the video for his newest release as Tripnotic.

There video has had a great response, featuring on MTV, VH1, Video Detective, dailymotion, buzznet and has aired on many more.

Emil told us how commissioning through Radar went - particularly the shortlisting process. Directors listen up!

“The whole process with Radar was very enjoyable and simple. I put a short brief describing what I expected and received around a dozen treatments. Half of them were generic treatments that directors send to every brief they see and I have to say those were deleted immediately, because in my opinion the least a director could do is to write a short one-page treatment specific to the brief. To make the story short, two of the treatments really stood out, they were well written and carefully prepared, going into detail about various aspects of the video. It was a hard decision, but I had to pick one and I went for the treatment that I felt was more appropriate for this particular song.

I confirmed with Noir Tribe Media that I would like them to create the video for my single, sent them a few questions about the more technical aspects of the video and we set the deadline. They were very professional from the moment they sent the treatment to the final stages of post-production. They managed to create the wonderful video on a limited budget and shot it in various locations throughout New York. It was also a big thing to have the fabulous Kourtni Lind (of Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark fame) play the main role in the video. Once they sent the first version I had only minor suggestions which they accepted and very soon we had the final version finished.”

Director and New Yorker Amber Moelter gave us a really cool insight into the making of the Tripnotic’s new video Tricky Three - her first Radar commission!

“Only recently I discovered Radar - I wanted to diversify my portfolio and I especially love the combination of music and short-form storytelling that music videos are known for. Tricky Three is my first Radar submission and my first music video behind the camera.

The concept developed directly from the song, which immediately reminded me of Run Lola Run. I envisioned a chase and once Kourtni Lind (So You Think You Can Dance, Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark) confirmed that she was onboard to choreograph and star in the video, it developed into a dance chase. I love when actors play dual roles in films so I played with various ideas of how the characters could eventually collide in a colorful climax. My team did a lot of research on famous chase sequences and we discovered a technique that Darren Aronofsky and Guy Ritchie like to use: a Snorricam rig that creates a surreal effect with the background moving while keeping the subject centered and in focus. We knew with only one shooting day we'd need to supplement the footage shot by DP Doyle Lee on the Canon 1DC at 60fps, so the GoPro was the perfect option, particularly its ability to shoot at 60fps.

Preproduction was a ball. We built a custom Snorricam for the GoPro that could shoot from the front, back, side, and upside down and recorded a test with me running, jumping, and dancing to get a sense of what would read well in camera. I cut that together and sent it to Kourtni, as well some crazy pole dance routines to inspire her subway choreography.

A couple of weeks before the shoot I reunited with Kourtni, whom I worked with on Dirty Step Upstage and - going way back - I taught dance to back in the nineties. We rehearsed at a pole dance studio in Manhattan to help her prepare for the subway shots, which was shot gorilla-style. She also practiced her choreography with the Snorricam and watched it back to fully understand which movement worked best for the rig (see attached Snorricam image).

Over the course of one very long shooting day our crew of eight covered Central Park, the New York Subway, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. Central Park was a challenge because of all the people and also another (bigger) crew was set up at Bethesda Fountain. We shot around them and also adjusted the shots in post-production. We changed another location on the fly: Bow Bridge was packed with people so we turned around and saw these fabulous rocks, where we first discover that the runner and the chaser are the same person. In the end it pays to be prepared, but flexible. In between each setup I'd send Kourtni and Vanessa Martinez (Kourtni's body double) off with the GoPro rig, to capture the chase footage.

Once the sun set we shot the Times Square scenes, which gathered a sizable crowd who would applaud Kourtni after every take. We should have had a hat out there to supplement the budget! We wrapped after shooting in the subway, which we rode all the way to the upper Bronx and back again. I won't say what time in the morning we wrapped, but every single person on the shoot was an incredible trouper, giving 1000% of themselves. We are all very proud of what we accomplished in one day!

Tripnotic was incredibly professional from beginning to end. He was understanding of the restraints of the shoot, while giving us a few key notes that in the end made it the best possible product. We've heard nothing but good things and it's received a lot of play on different platforms. The whole process was ideal and we can't wait to do another video through Radar.”

Full Production Credits: Director & Editor: Amber Moelter ( Dancer & Choreographer: Kourtni Lind Unit Production Manager and Colorist: Luis Barreto Carrillo Director of Photography: Doyle Lee First Assistant Camera: Drew Aldridge Make Up Artist: Mhamed Meraou Body Double: Vanessa Martinez Behind the Scenes Stills: Cesar Balcazar