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weloveyouwinona - 'Anyway'

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4 years 6 months ago | Work

Director Jamie Muir produced a glossy and gorgeous-looking video for weloveyouwinona's soaring 'Anyway'.

Jamie pitched for the song "because it was a genre of music I hadn't really tried before, it has an energy and a darkness to it that allowed me to create a story that was a bit more dramatic and sinister compared to my usual videos."

"I sent a one page treatment to the band with some mood images and they emailed me back loving the concept. I came up with the idea very organically after hearing the song and wrote it down within an hour, that is usually how I work. The band didn't really get involved in the idea but were involved in casting, props, locations and the editing."

The shoot took place mainly in Weymouth, Dorset. Jamie tells us how "the concept was very ambitious for the budget", but he was happy with how it turned out. The vistas are glorious - and the "sunset at Lulworth cove was beautiful".