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Music Video Promo Strategies, a Radar Guide

Caroline from Radar recently chaired a panel at the legendary music industry conference Midem. Top industry professionals discussed strategies for promoting and making money from your videos and here are some of the top tips they shared:

The importance of Youtube
Having your video on YouTube is essential for musicians:
- availability (Youtube is the primary search tool for music).
- shareability (it’s easy to share and embed from Youtube).
- monetisable streams (Youtube LOVE music videos and encourage partnerships with labels and artists).
- statistics (radio decisions re playlisting are commonly based on Youtube stats).

How to become a Youtube partner
- Youtube are making it increasingly easy to become a partner, which means you can earn money from your video views.http://www.youtube.com/yt/partners/
- Partnership also improves search rankings for videos in your channel.
- There’s a myth you need to have over 100,000 views to become eligible - not true. Youtube want more quality music content in the partnership scheme, so get registered.

A Youtube Don’t
- Don’t split views. Upload the video to the artist channel and favourite in the label channel. Favouriting means the video will show up on the label channel, but the views all aggregate on the artist’ copy.

Pros and Cons of Monetised Ads
- You earn money versus monetised videos can be less viral - artists and sometimes fans hate ads. Sharing is arguably the most important metric for a video.
- Two kinds of ad: 30 sec pre-roll, very intrusive but high earning and 5 sec skippable banners.
- Infectious Music don’t run ads for the first two weeks of a new artist’s campaign - they consider ads can be THAT off-putting to fans of new acts.
- Monetised videos become unavailable to German and Chinese fans, due to lack of licensing agreements in those territories.

The Pros of VEVO
- The biggest global network dedicated to music visuals.
- Improved recommendation to viewers - who stay longer and watch more.
- Higher earnings for partners.
- They will do special promotion projects with the right partners.
- They like independent artists, there are many ways for independent artists to get onto VEVO, eg via The Orchard.

Cons of VEVO
- You have to upload a new master file, so you’re splitting views across Youtube and VEVO.
- The ads are the more intrusive type ads.
- You can’t opt out of ad type, eg you can’t opt out of alcohol ads.
- VEVO works better for some kinds of artists than others.

Packshot and Lyric Videos
- It’s useful to have all your tracks on Youtube - if you don’t then someone else will.
- Packshot videos are quickest and cheapest way to do this, if quality content is important, lyric videos are a good solution.
- Always service a video when you’re going to radio.

UGC User Generated Content
- Various responses exist for YouTube partners; don’t allow, which serves up a stern looking message. Allow but monetise, which takes away some creative control.

Video for Promotion and Discovery
- Channels such as Balcony TV can deliver an audience, but don’t yet deliver monetisation. Very useful for new artists, where growing a fan base is more relevant than monetising views.

Buying Ads for Promotion and Discovery
- Link your Google adwords account to your YouTube channel and buy retargeting ads. This allows you to serve relevant ads to people who have already visited your channel. It can be a highly effective way to build views and channel subscribers.
- Subscribers are extremely valuable - every time you serve a new video you can send a bespoke message to subscribers’ inboxes.

The Top Industry Professionals are:
Eric McKay, Business Development VEVO
Connie Meade, Label Manager, Infectious Music
Stephen O'Regan, Founder, Balcony TV
Patrick Ross, Label Services, Kobalt.
Caroline Bottomley is Managing Director of the Radar Music Videos network.

Full Midem Panel video here.

Feeling inspired? Then you need compelling music video content.
- May we suggest you commission your next music video through Radar? Post your brief here.

Do you use these strategies? Do you have more tips to share?
Comments welcome.


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