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Industry Insiders: Why you should enter the Radar Awards

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1 year 1 month ago | Radar Awards

Dan Kreeger (The Mill), David Knight (Promo News) and Claire Stubbs (Partizan) tell us why you should think about entering the Radar Awards.

"I truly believe you should enter the Radar Awards because it's a great opportunity to show your work to the wider industry and interested parties within advertising and music videos"

Dan Kreeger, The Mill

"In being involved in the Radar Awards I discovered new directors and new talent. You kind of think you know everybody and then you see somebody else and you think that's great I really like that and that happened when I was doing the judging for the Radar Awards"

David Knight, Editor of Promo News

"I think you should enter the Radar Awards because it's an amazing platform for new talent"

Claire Stubbs, Partizan

Have you got great creative work that you want to be seen by industry pro's, enter it into the Radar Awards now...