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Commissioners - Need a great music video / online content fast?
Radar can help with that

Music content - find talented creatives, fast.
Increase promotion reach by tens of thousands.


Creatives - Want to make more great music videos / online content?
Radar can help with that too

Connect to major labels, indie labels, managers and artists worldwide who want to work with new talent
Best directors are connected to leading journalists, production companies and reps worldwide

We're a kind of dating agency, quickly connecting labels and managers to up and coming music video creatives worldwide

We scout for talented new directors every week.

Our niche is budgets between $800 and $15,000

Commission lyric videos, live videos, official videos and much more.

All commissions are promoted across our substantial networks, plus we help directors PR the best commissioned content to the best creative journalists worldwide.

Radar is completely free to labels and managers. and charges a small subscription fee to directors to access briefs and Radar's career progression.


Radar USA & Canada - Partnership with Sneak Attack Media

  • Radar has partnered with Sneak Attack Media to provide a North American base for commissioning music-related creative content.  Sneak Attack are a boutique digital marketing and creative services company based in New York City.

  • Both companies have been in business since 2006, the early days of digital marketing. The partnership has a natural fit and relevance to each partner's client base - great marketing campaigns increasingly need more engaging creative content to grow and maintain artist' profiles.

  • Sneak Attack combines creative online PR with grassroots digital marketing to create unique campaigns that are engaging and effective. Like Radar, their team is passionate, innovative, and work at the cutting edge of music marketing, with new tools, technologies and creative partners.

Are you a label, manager or artist based in the US? Get in touch and connect to great content creatives fast via Radar. All director enquiries to
Heather@radarmusicvideos.com please


The Radar Story

The first dream of Radar was about realising, that with the internet coming up and the falling costs of digital equipment, there would be many more talented filmmakers coming into being, all over the world. Also, there would be more bands and labels springing up who could all want videos.

At the time, the music industry was getting its head around MySpace pages and debating whether to post 30 seconds of audio to promote a band. Some MySpace pages had video, a lot didn't. Switched on bands and artists had started posting videos on YouTube.

Back then the music video industry was a tiny knot. Huge budget videos were commissioned, mainly for TV, from high end production companies clustered in London, LA and New York. If you were a young person who wanted to be a music video director, you had to go to the right art college. You had to know other ex-art college students working as runners and PAs on the inside of a production company - to persuade that company's rep to watch your reel (on VHS) was a big deal. It was an incredibly closed world.

Radar set out to occupy the new space that was coming - with new talent, new opportunities, and with much lower barriers to entry. We were the first in the niche and at the time, there was a fear that Youtube, cheaper cameras and Radar would mean plummeting creative standards in music video - but that's been proved so wrong. Radar has always stood for meritocracy, we just moved the goalposts. 

The very first Radar goal was to create a platform where a talented young woman in Nigeria could be as easily commissioned as a talented young man in LA. She hasn't been found yet, but hundreds of other extraordinary and talented new directors across the world have been commissioned because of Radar. We're looking forward to the day we have active commissions across 5 continents. Meanwhile, we'll keep innovating, pioneering and helping labels, managers, artists and directors create great content in this exciting space.

Caroline Bottomley


What Radar offers Directors

... an ongoing commitment at every level of directors' engagement with Radar, to help music video directors progress their careers.  The ultimate aim is to get talented directors signed to world-class production companies.

If you're a director using Radar, you can:

  • Aim to achieve Headhunted status, to win facilitated connection to world-leading production companies and reps. Every quarter we formally connect participating Headhunted directors to the partners they choose. As a result, these directors are much more likely to land productive conversations and meetings with reps, heads of talent and of production.
  • Aim to achieve Headhunted status, to win access to bigger budgets and higher status commissioners.
  • Get advice on where to promote your Radar-made videos
  • Develop directing skills through making more videos
  • Develop pitching skills through pitching on briefs
  • Get promotion for videos you make via Radar
  • Connect with peers for support and advice
  • Extend commissioner, curator and peer personal networks
  • Use commissioner feedback to inform your development
  • Access affordable production essentials such as special deals on contracts and insurance
  • Learn about the main career paths available to music video directors
  • Learn who are the key curators in the industry
  • Learn who are the key reps and production companies in the industry
  • Understand how to work with curators to progress your career

Radar's 'Get Introduced' initiative for Directors

As a Headhunted and exclusive director, we'll individually email-introduce you to our Head of Talent / Head of Production friends at leading production companies worldwide.

What this means:

Guaranteed connection, meaning you stand a much better chance of getting replies, getting meetings and we hope, ultimately of getting signed to your dream production company with Radar's help.

Contacts at leading production companies can easily receive 100 emails a week from hopeful directors, but production companies in the'Get Signed' initiative promise to reply to all Radar-made introductions.

See below to see production companies included in the 'Get Introduced' initiative  We're always adding to the network - and if you have any special contact requests, let us know and we'll do our best to get your dream production company into our network.

Radar's 'Get Promotion' initiative for Directors

As a Headhunted and exclusive director you get access to the new 'Get Promotion' initiative. You can request our contact list for journalists at leading creative publications at any time for any of your videos. Getting features and coverage with leading industry media like PromoNews or VideoStatic can hugely improve your visibility in the crowded world of new director talents.

What this means:

You build relationships with leading journalists, meaning when you release your killer video it stands a much better chance of 'going viral' within the music video industry. There are very many instances of one-off, brilliant videos being enough to catapult new directors into the hot seat (Radar's Ellis Bahl being one perfect example, signing to two leading production companies off the back of his killer video).

Questions about Radar's director initiatives? visit FAQs


Partner production companies:

Able & Baker

Park Village is a production company representing creative talent over a broad range of disciplines within the world of media and advertising. In addition to commercials we offer digital, animation and music videos....Able & Baker is our music video division.

Agile Films
Agile Films is a production company based in Shoreditch, London. We make Films, Commercials and Music Videos. 

Black Dog

Black Dog currently represents some of the most creative and established directors in both the UK and the USA, producing quality videos for artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, and The Rolling Stones.

Bob Industries
USA, with LA and New York offices.

Burning Reel

Burning Reel is an exceptional production company making films for some of the world's most exciting artists, record-labels, companies & brands.

Chief Productions

Chief is an award-winning production company based in Manchester, UK. We specialise in TV commercials, music videos, TV programmes, digital content and production service work for national and international clients. We make good ideas happen.

Compulsory is a new London based production company. We work creatively within the fields of music videos, online content, advertising and fashion in addition to corporate commissions.
We craft current and original work in collaboration with amazing people. From ad & content motivated campaigns, music videos for new and established artists to in-house corporates and promos.
Our aim is to cater to a variety of clients within the emerging demand in digitally driven production.

Crossfire Productions

Crossfire produces content across all areas of the moving image spectrum to include Commercials, Music Videos, Idents, Documentaries and Brand Films. Working for and collaborating with clients to deliver broadcast quality films for TV, Web, Cinema & DVD, we are fortunate to have access to some of the worlds most exciting directing talent, hand picked for their unique style to deliver the best approach for each individual project.

Joyrider is a production company that is known for creating captivating visual storytelling, which combines performance, animation and VFX. Through the genius of our award-winning directors we strive to create unusual work that stands out and inspires. Since our inception in November 2004 we have endeavoured to pioneer and innovate.
Our directors are multifaceted and bring a fresh approach to visual styles, deftly mixing photographic and CG techniques. At the heart of our work is a hybrid approach to delivering the best we possibly can for all our clients. 

Kode Media

We are Kode, an award-winning video production company based in London and New York. We're a collective of creatives turning everyday ideas into innovative video content that gets people talking. Whether we're producing ground-breaking music promos or cutting-edge commercial advertising, we're defined by our collaborative approach and our ability to inspire, engage and ignite our audience.


Established 1991 and twice listed over the past decade as the Gunn Report's 'Best Production Company in the World', Partizan remains one of the world's principal content creators comprising; music videos, commercials, documentaries, feature films, animation, digital and branded content online as well as interactive events and installations. The company continues to flourish, evolve and grow, hosting facilities in London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Middle East and Berlin. 
Our music video department is one of the most exciting hubs of creative talent worldwide. Our award-winning videos are regularly to be found in all-time or annual favourite lists, and for the last five years we have taken home the Best Director gong at the UK Music Video Awards. We have also won many MTV and Grammy awards. 
Artists we have worked with include Bjork, Beyonce, Daft Punk, U2, Jay-Z, White Stripes, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Chemical Brothers, Madonna, Kings of Leon, Lily Allen, Florence & the Machine, Foo Fighters, Soulwax, MGMT, The Rolling Stones and David Guetta.


Parent company th1ng was founded in 2003 in Soho, London, and has been at its current six floor home in Wardour street since 2008. In 2009 it opened offices in Dubai followed by New York in 2011. 
Over the years the company has expanded to encompass many disciplines in the creative commercial field: th2ng for live action, Film Club for new and crossover animation talent, Flux for Broadcast Design and Branding and Playth1ng for Digital. 
As an integrated Production Company we offer the talents of over 50 exclusive Directors and Designers alongside a team of Producers and in-house Post Production. 
Our Directors have won many awards for their work including in Advertising and Broadcast : D&AD, BAA, BTA, Promax, Creative Circle, not to mention their 4 Oscar Nominations, 2 BAFTAs, Sundance and Cannes.

Vision is a unique collaboration of some of the most creative and innovative music video directors in the game.
Offices in Toronto, Canada and Los Angeles, USA


Contact us

Client manager and all director enquiries: Heather@radarmusicvideos.com
Press and promotions: Lizzie@radarmusicvideos.com
USA label, managers & artists, contact: Marni hello@sneakattackmedia.com

UK & RoW label, managers & artists, contact: Anna@radarmusicvideos.com


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