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How it works

Radar connects record labels, managers & artist commissioners to the best up and coming music visual creatives worldwide, including filmmakers, designers and photographers.



Easy access to great briefs

Radar’s personal connections span all the major labels, large independent labels, many smaller independents, management companies and artists direct. We’re a trusted resource and we’re committed to getting creative members in touch with the best briefs going.

Know more about the industry

Creative members get exclusive access to interviews with industry luminaries. We share the knowledge needed to understand ‘who’s who’ and how to carve out a successful career in the wider industry. Creative members also get exclusive access to the community group, with discounts & deals from leading services worldwide.

Build your career

We help all creatives to build pitching, networking and filmmaking experience. Creatives reaching a certain quality standard can become exclusive to Radar, with access to the bigger budget briefs and interest from other reps & commercial production companies that comes with that status.

artist & labels

Save time scouting new talent

We’re always scouting up & coming creatives worldwide; plus we filter the best and sign them exclusively to Radar. Commissioners with bigger budgets can choose to only get pitches from these exclusive creatives.

Less hassle

Manage commissioning for all the visual assets you need via Radar. Everything from music videos to photography, from gifs and stage visuals to merch artwork you can arrange through us.

Additional artist promotion

All content made via Radar is promoted across our substantial networks. We also help get editorial coverage for the best content, in leading creative & music industry blogs.

What's the process?

"I'm looking for music visuals work"

Browse and pitch on music-related briefs. Build your career via commissions, know-how and connections from Radar

"I need to commission music visuals"

The account for record labels, managers and artists who need music visuals

"I need a video & artwork for my band's new release"

User writes a brief for the video and the artwork via the Need Visuals page

artist & label

"That brief sure looks interesting..."

Creatives browse briefs and respond to ones they like, by writing a pitch


"Wow, lots of ideas to choose between, but we love yours"

Label, manager or artist responds to pitches, shortlists and then commissions

artist & label

"Great, let’s make this thing..."

Creative can now agree terms and commence production.



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